10 Money Saving Tips you can Use When Hiring a Wedding Catering Service in Detroit, MI

10 Things You Can Save Your Money on

wedding cateringWhen you’re looking at possible wedding catering companies in Detroit, MI here are some money saving tips that can save you a lot of money but at the same time give off a simple yet elegant vibe to your reception.
1. Save your meat for the main dish and serve vegan canapes and starters. Try risotto served in shot glasses, veggie lover rice rolls, or a trio of asparagus.
2. Removed the starter course by offering more canapes amid the beverages reception and this will save money on crockery, cutlery, gear, and staff.
3. Unless you and your visitors are champagne experts, settle on cava, prosecco, or English shining wine to include a touch of extravagance without the high cost.
4. Switch out the first course with a choice of breads and dipping oils
5. Serve wedding cake as your dessert. You will save a lot of money by doing so and won’t deal with so much leftover cake.
6. Serve your food "family style”, this means you serve platters of food and your guests help themselves on their designated tables. You can ask help from your wedding caterer with this.
7. In case you're having a night buffet, you don't have to cater to all your visitors as just a little will eat that late.
8. Ask your wedding catering service from Detroit, MI to serve the pricey beverages (bubbly, strength mixed drinks) at an early time so your guests can enjoy them, unlike towards the end of the night they start enjoying the cheap stuff.
9. Add a touch of extravagance to your presentation by dropping raspberries into your champagne, or including little cuts of cucumber and orange into each water glass. Presentation is everything and a little touch has a real effect.
10. Serve icy canapes and a frosty starter. Hot dishes require more supplies which imply more cost. This is great for fun evening wedding receptions.

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