3 Tips for Creative Catered Event in Houston Texas

Creative Catering in Houston, TX

creative cateringIf not planned carefully, catered events can too easily fall into the same old humdrum of bow ties and chafing dishes, quickly becoming another expensive event that no attendee will remember.

If the goal of the event is to make a real splash, we have some tips and tricks to consider to get the most out of your event, and your catering service.

Think Outside the Box.

…Or in this case, the dish, when it comes to serving food. Consider using alternative methods, like mason jars to store small portions of food for each guest. It’s more aesthetically pleasing, and often less messy.  We love this idea for a sundae bar, where ice cream is kept in mason jars for guests on ice. The guests can take the individual jars and top them appropriately without making a mess.

Make Food Manageable.

There can be nothing more frustrating for a guest than trying to juggle a plate at a buffet. From struggling to balance the dish while scooping food, to trying to grab utensils and a drink and find a place to sit, all without spilling, the whole experience can make things a little less than enjoyable. There are many different ways to make food easier on guests, and  one of the best ways, is finger foods. We love these caprese pops, these omelette bites wrapped in bacon,  and these pies made in cupcake tins.

Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Caterer…

…But what your caterer can do for you. It’s all very well and good to pick a random name out of the phone book and hope that the event will be the talk of Houston. However, instead of taking a risk and in turn risking disaster, a few well placed questions can make all the difference in a night to remember.

Determine if the various catering companies have tasting events where the sort of services and food they offer are out on display. Also consider if the catering company has an event planner  that can assist with the planning and coordinating of the event itself. Event planners can help steer things in the right direction, and keep them on budget. Speaking of budget, it’s always a good idea to see if caterers have flexible menus depending on the events’ budget. Every little bit helps.

When planning an event it’s important to balance creativity with practicality. Experienced catering companies, such as Corporate Catering Houston will be able to create a high class event that will be perfectly planned, on budget, and leave guests wanting more, making an event to remember for a very long time.

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