DIY Yummy Treat to Enjoy in Your Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

DIY Ideas to Incorporate in Your Big Day

wedding cateringEveryone wants their special day to be eventful and memorable. Some couples love DIY catering food bars for receptions and pre-wedding celebrations because it’s a great way to get guests to interact with each other. There are so many weddings out there with same old wedding catering in Houston, TX like candy stations, sandwich buffets, and cookie stations but here are some other ways to make your big day tasty and fun!

Ice Cream Bar
This would be amazing on a hot summer day. Worried about the ice cream melting? No worries! There are tricks that you can do during your big day to keep your guests cool while the weather is hot. This is one of the best kinds of idea that you can have in your wedding event and the kids will surely enjoy it. Plus, everyone will feel comfortable as they enjoy your wedding with an ice cream on their hands.

Waffles Bar
Continuing the waffle theme, these customizations mean that there’s something for everyone! Even the pickiest eaters! If you decide not to go the waffle bar route, it is better to consider being quite creative in the waffle department. It is important that you know how to tickle your guests. If you are going to have this kind of bar, make sure that there are enough toppings that will go with it. The guests love to do something worthwhile like this.

Taco Bar
You can have different kinds of sauces and dips that will go with your taco bar. This is also a fun idea of an interactive wedding setup for your reception. Tacos are a real yummy treat that everyone in your big day will totally enjoy. All you need to do is place it with a little creativity around your venue. It can also be a great centerpiece that you can have.

Spud Bar
This one is for the potato fanatic — guests have different kinds of potatoes and toppings to choose from. Who doesn't love potatoes, right? With its simple taste and added aroma, you will surely enjoy every saucing and dressing that will go with this different kinds of potato madness. You can even eat your favorite fries with cheese all over it. It will be super great to have this in your wedding day.

Donut Bar
Donuts, traditional and jazzed up, seem to be an emerging food trend. Why not jump on the donut train and add a donut bar or station to your reception? This food bar/station can be a great DIY idea by letting your guests decides on the glazes and toppings. This menu can also be your very own cake by stocking them all together. You can use different flavors and brands. It's all up to you on how you decor it and incorporate these at your wedding catering in Houston, TX.

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