How to Keep Your Guests Happy During the Wedding Weekend?



Tips in Making Your Wedding Weekend Fun

Having a ton of family members and friends coming together for the first time is a slightly frightening — yet wonderful — thought. And if you're stretching your wedding celebration into a whole weekend, it can be a good idea to have festivities to keep your guests occupied while they meet and mingle. Activities are definitely not required, but if you have a little room in your budget, it's a generous and sweet gift to your nearest and dearest who may not know the city you're getting married in too well. Here are some ideas that could fit in nicely with your guest list and wedding theme, from the beginning of the weekend to the end.

All About WeddingThrow a Welcome Party

Throwing a welcome party is a great way to kick off your wedding weekend, especially since your guests will feel like old friends by the time your wedding reception rolls around. It doesn't have to be fancy at all — laid-back is the way to go. The welcome party is also a good place to hand out weekend itineraries, have a dinner and brief guests  on anything they'll need to know for the next few days. You just need to make them happy and satisfied.

Host a Hotel Hospitality Suite

If your guest list is large or your wedding is at an unfamiliar destination, consider hosting a hospitality suite at the hotel with a room block (or a centrally-located hotel) where guests can both assemble and relax. The suite can become a common meeting and hangout point throughout the weekend. It’s a great place to leave snacks, beverages and fun activities for guests of all ages, and of course, reminders and details of weekend happenings. Keeping your itinerary, local maps, menus to favorite restaurants and taxi information in the suite is helpful for your guests, too.

Host a Cookie and Coffee Reception

Looking for a way for all of your guests to feel included on the night of the rehearsal dinner? Hosting a cookie and coffee reception afterward ends the night with a sweet touch — without breaking the bank. Guests can feel comfortable, mingle and meet each other in a relaxed setting. Not only is this a fun way for the couple to talk to all of their guests in a more laid-back setting, but it also alleviates the pressure for the couple to feel like they only have the wedding reception to catch up with each guest.

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