Latest Catering Trends in Houston, TX

Discover the Latest Catering Trends

Although it is never easy predicting the trends in food, there are five food types currently rocking Houston residents. Apart from Tuscan and Kolaches, the following are the foods that are currently trending in this Texas, area.

African Foods

There are many Africans living in Houston. Despite the place being dominated by West African restaurants, Ethiopian restaurants are slowly catching up. People living in Houston are discovering the rich African foods and its great flavors; not as bad as many natives thought.

Gourmet Donuts

Just like cupcakes, gourmet donuts are cheap and portable, hence easy to carry around. However, unlike savory cupcakes and like peanut butter and Tres Leches (with flavors like blackberry jelly), these donuts are more expressive and simpler to accept. They are also versatile enough to allow for a range of servings. The fact that kolaches are already a hit in Houston, gourmet donuts are not any different.

Better Lists of Beer

Houston restaurants are not just paying more attention to their wines, but also beers. Since beers are much cheaper than wines, it is easier to have more variety of the former than the latter in a dinner; beer pairing dinners and craft beer movements are a true testament to this. Similarly, restaurants have followed suite since they have realized that beer lovers enjoy their drinks as much as those who take wines. Some restaurants that have already taken this up include Garden Oaks’ Plonk, Tomball’s Bootsie’s and the Greatfull taco, among others.

Exotic Meats

The majority of restaurants in Houston serve ostrich, deer, alligator and buffalo meats, among others. The dual movement perpetuates for sustainable eating of home grown meats such as rabbits, nutria and squirrel, etc. in time, exotic meat will gain more popularity than beef and chicken. In fact, a Vietnamese restaurant based in Pearland, is already serving Pho, a serving of gator and boar.

Turk Pop up Restaurants

An increase in Turk chefs in Houston will see many new restaurants pop up, where they can showcase their skills. Fresh, intelligent and modern global restaurants will also make a come-back, either publicly or underground, due to no financial risks involved in such businesses.

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