Three Unique ideas for a Travel Inspired Wedding



Adventurous Wedding Theme Ideas

weddingIf you and your partner love to travel, you can incorporate this hobby of yours into your wedding day. Having a travel inspired wedding theme will surely make your wedding more memorable knowing that you have incorporated your theme with something that is dear to the both of you. This activity should be included in wedding planning.

For a travel inspired wedding, here are some tips that you can do:

Use a globe for table centerpieces – This is a great way to have a unique table centerpiece that will also impress your guests. You can place a small or big globe on every table with the markings of every place that you both have been and the places that you both want to visit. For instance, you can place a blue sticker or pin to the countries that you have already been to and color red for the countries that you plan to visit. This will also entertain the guests and give them something to talk about while they are eating. Ask help with your wedding caterer for this idea.

Postcards for the wedding invitation – Want to add spice to your wedding invitation? Why not customize a postcard? This is a great way to show your passion for travel and it is also unique. It depends on you on how you will decorate and design the postcard but you need to make sure that important details are included like the guests name, wedding location and the time of the wedding.

Give out mini suitcases for the wedding favor – Rather that giving out the usual wedding favors, you can hand out mini suitcases for the guests. Customize the colors and design of each suit case or you can choose to have the same pattern and style for all of them.

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